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Monday 20 February 2023

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Policy Recommendations

These policy recommendations are aimed at making future cooperation between adult educators and artists easier, showing what conditions and agreements and what competencies are needed from both sides. They aim to encourage the implementation of more participatory artistic project with an educational aim.

They are based on the evaluation and reflection following pilot project in all partner countries, and include the perspective of artists, educators, the participants and partner organizations. They are targeted at artists and artist organizations, educators and educational institutions as well as other stakeholders in the field of art and education.

The content of these policies is based on data collected in four partner countries: Italy, Austria, Germany and Portugal, during the implementation of four pilot projects involving both artists and educators in participatory processes on the public space.

  • Italy – The Invisible Cities – Danza Duende residential workshop
  • Austria – “Klimagwandl“
  • Portugal – “Perfect Mirror” Street performance
  • Germany – “Climate,Art and Future Participation” / “Klima,Kunst und ZukunftMitMachen”

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