CTF: Set of OERs “Creative Entrepreneurial motivation and empowerment”

Friday 23 July 2021

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Didactical material

The set of OERs “Creative Entrepreneurial motivation and empowerment” for aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative sector, is composed of:

  • Interactive readings “Why the development of creative business is important to me?”
  • Collection of video success stories
  • E-book of the testimonial success stories

The interactive readings are short texts with useful external links, that revolve around the question “Why development of creative business is important to me?”

Readers will have the chance to deepen their understanding of art business and the potential ways in which they could join it.

The readings consist of the following core topics:

  • The description and statistics of employment in the creative sector;
  • The role of individual creativity and talent in generating considerable economic wealth;
  • How the creative industries are capable of fighting unemployment and creating new jobs;
  • Presentation of the “Creative Europe” initiative.

The testimonial stories collect successful stories from creative entrepreneurs from 4 sectors: crafts, fashion, music and visual arts.

The video success stories are a series of documentary style videos where established names of the art industry recount their entrepreneurial experiences and reveal the actions that led them to where they are today. These personalities come from a range of artistic fields and from all 6 countries that participate in Creative Talent Factory project (Lithuania, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia).

Through this set of OERs, the CTF project aims at providing aspiring or new entrepreneurs in the creative sector with attractive training materials for self-study, to deepen their understanding of the creative sector and have the tools, the motivation and the inspiration necessary to prosper within the sector.

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