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Monday 14 March 2022

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The CRETHINK Methodology – Co-creation Methodology – is part of a vision that opts for cross sector and interdisciplinary teamwork as a contemporary response to complex problems in the urban context. Innovation and creativity require both individual and collaborative thinking to be successful, and are the essential part of the transformative engine within the dynamics of a group in action.

Here you can find:
1. The CRETHINK methodology – structured according to the different stages of group work and dynamics of the co-creation process from how to kick-start activities and facilitate discussion, to the improvement of motivation and the solution of internal conflicts. Attention is also paid on the importance of the engagement of the community and the general public. For each stage, the document provides effective approaches, practical tools and directions that complement guidelines and principles for process facilitation of living labs contained in the Facilitation Guide.
2. The CRETHINK Living Lab Facilitation Guide – developed as a facilitation tool designed for individuals who want to trigger a change in their city or neighbourhood by working together on specific urban challenges. The aim is to provide a guide and road map to navigate and facilitate local case project activities applying co-creation methods and tools while addressing local needs around sustainability topics and finding solutions to complex problems.
3. The CRETHINK Living Lab Logbook – developed as a tool for change agents. You can use this logbook to collects all the reflections, activities and evaluations in one place.
4. Case Studies from CRETHINK Project – These Case studies present under a methodological light the experiences of the local projects implemented during the Crethink project. Each case study includes an explanation of the processes triggered by the local project and of the methodologies and tools used, together with practical examples and/or templates as annex when available. Finally, they include recommendations and tips for practitioners who approach similar methodologies, contexts and/or target groups.

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