STEP BY STEP – Step by step commitments for energy saving


  • To improve households’ knowledge about energy saving behaviours and energy-efficient products
  • To motivate households to commit to energy-saving actions
  • To encourage community-based interactions between households likely to invest in high quality renewable energy products
  • To better understand behaviour patterns relative to energy savings in different target groups
  • To conduct a set of dissemination actions in view of promoting the STEP BY STEP concept and its implementation by European and local authorities


  • Activity Report 1 summing up the first data about the project in relation to citizens engagement towards energy saving and responsible consumption in the involved cities
  • Activity Report 2 about proposed activities and the rate of success in the different partner cities
  • Activity Report 3 about proposed activities and the rate of success in the different partner cities
  • Activity report 4 with a final overview about results achieved.
  • Video Interview with the major of the Cefalù about the participation of the City to the project
  • Delivering energy savings of about 12% for at least 6.300 households
  • 20% of the accompanied households take decision to purchase energy-efficient products (1.000 households)
  • Caused environmental benefits in terms of reduction of CO2, SOx, NOx, VOC and PM emissions
  • Produced social benefits in terms of reduction of morbidity and mortality caused by CO2, SOx, NOx, VOC and PM emissions


  • Recruitment of 6.300 households by door-to-door interviews
  • Elaboration of an “energy saving” Kit
  • Elaboration and deployment of the behavioural change strategy and designing of accompany schemes for each energy saving action
  • Accompaniment of 5.000 households to suggest energy saving actions
  • Creation of databases containing information about: household profile, data related to behaviour change, knowledge about energy savings, electricity consumption, household locations, etc.


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Date of project

01/03/2015 – 28/02/2018

DG of reference

DG Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, Societal Challenges, Energy Efficiency – Market up – Topic: Consumer engagement for sustainable energy


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