Energy savings: a “STEP BY STEP” learning in Cefalù!

Wednesday 16 December 2015

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Energy savings: a “STEP BY STEP” learning in Cefalù!To date, about 700 households of Cefalù (a town near Palermo – Italy), have been involved in the accompaniment service about energy saving in the framework of the Horizon project “STEP BY STEP”.

Which is the goal? To make the concept of “energy saving” as something “concrete”, by suggesting easy daily actions and providing a citizens’ individualised accompaniment for 2 years.

How? An advisor who registers households to the service through door-to-door interviews; a digital platform which sends personalized messages in order to give mid-term goals, and news and data about project’s progress in the area, and information about energy saving; a phone advisor who monthly monitors the progress of households’ action, giving tips to improve, too.

Moreover, an energy-saving kit addressed to the half of the registered households to motivate them in carrying on the actions they committed themselves.

So… electronic devices switch off when you are not using them, thermal insulation of doors, old incandescent bulbs threw away… the path of an eco-responsible citizenship has been launched!

CESIE, in partnership with the Municipality of Cefalù, is coordinating the activities at local level.

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