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Raising awareness about climate change misinformation by providing tools to debunk fake news.


In recent years, significant progress has been made in understanding climate change, its causes and consequences. However, there is a huge flow of misinformation aimed at confusing the public and generating doubts about its existence. The media and social media have become the vehicle for the main fake news, but most young people are becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis and consider the fight against climate change a crucial issue to be addressed.


  • To provide youth workers, trainers and educators new skills about climate change to support the youngsters they work with
  • To increase critical thinking in young people so they can better unmask fake news and misconceptions about the climate change;
  • To encourage young people to become climate ambassadors to defend our planet against destructive practices.


  • 3-days training course for youth workers to engage young people in climate change actions.
  • Educational activities for young people on fake news and knowledge about climate change.
  • Dissemination and events, to increase awareness about the fake news issue and the importance to choose reliable sources.



  • 21 educators trained on tools and methodologies on climate change fake news.
  • 20 youth workers and educators with strengthened operational skills being involved in the implementation of educational activities with young people.
  • 60+ young people with strengthened soft skills such as: initiative, verbal communication, open mindedness,  interpersonal skill…
  • 150+ young people more aware about climate change fake news.


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SLACC – Stop Lies About Climate Change

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

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EACEA – Erasmus+ – KA2 COOPERATION AMONG ORGANISATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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