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  • To provide youth workers, trainers and educators new skills about climate change to support the youngsters they work with
  • To increase critical thinking in young people so they can better unmask fake news and misconceptions about the climate change;
  • To encourage young people to become climate ambassadors to defend our planet against destructive practices.


  • 3-days training course for youth workers to engage young people in climate change actions.
  • Educational activities for young people on fake news and knowledge about climate change.
  • Dissemination and events, to increase awareness about the fake news issue and the importance to choose reliable sources.


  • Report containing a compilation of the main climate fake news.
  • Online game containing multimedia learning content.
  • Mobile educational and learning App about how to debunk climate change fake news.


  • 21 educators trained on tools and methodologies on climate change fake news.
  • 20 youth workers and educators with strengthened operational skills being involved in the implementation of educational activities with young people.
  • 60+ young people with strengthened soft skills such as: initiative, verbal communication, open mindedness,  interpersonal skill…
  • 150+ young people more aware about climate change fake news.


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SLACC – Stop Lies About Climate Change

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

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EACEA - Erasmus+ - KA2 COOPERATION AMONG ORGANISATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS – Cooperation partnerships in youth


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