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  • To experiment structural, cognitive and educational scaffolding actions, within a local network as a support to the individual, social and dialogical growth of the various target involved in the project (children, young local people, immigrants, people with disabilities from the three levels of public school in Palermo, feeling discomfort and being at risk of social exclusion and early school dropout; parents, teachers and associations operators)
  • To provide workshop opportunities encouraging cognitive and affective-emotional development, contributing the co-construction of positive identities aimed to change socio-cultural attitudes and behaviours into new ones characterized by legality and active citizenship, diversity as a value, multicultural and intercultural exchange, sharing and respect for the environment
  • To encourage individual and group’s development and intergenerational interaction/integration within wide and well-constructed contexts, in which it is possible to involve the local context, direct and indirect project’s beneficiaries


  • Afternoon literacy workshops
  • After-school workshops on cultural, intercultural, relational empowerment
  • Extracurricular workshop activities
  • Extracurricular workshops for young people with disabilities and disadvantaged students
  • School activities linked to work-related learning internship
  • Educational activities for parents
  • Combined training activities for adults (parents, teachers and workers)
  • Training activities for trainers



  • Coordinator: Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu
  • Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci
  • Associazione Immaginaria
  • Libera, associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie
  • Associazione Volta la Carta
  • A.S.D Atletica Berradi 091
  • Cooperativa Palma Nana

Public sector bodies:

  • I.P.S.S.C.T. Einaudi
  • Scuola primaria F. Ferrara

With the participation of Lega Navale

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

10/05/2011 – 09/05/2013

DG of reference

Foundation with the South together with Enel Cuore




Info & contacts

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