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Developing a new job profile in tourism sector, aimed to upskill managers, professionals, practitioners and students of the tourism sector, i.e.: “Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager”.


The project is based on the consideration that tourism has a very strong social, economic and human impact, and is also one of the sectors with the highest employment rate. The tourism sector contributes to the achievement of some Millennium Development Goals such as SDG No. 8,12,14. Therefore, it is necessary to train and improve the skills of professionals in the tourism sector. The project’s objective is to boost critical and creative management skills, transversal soft-skills and general project management skills with particular attention to the issue of sustainability and green project management in the tourism sector.


  • Upskill and reskill the professionals in tourism sector, especially in relation to their green and digital skills, in order to respond to the emerging trends;
  • Foster the entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, analytical thinking and innovation of tourism professionals, through the integration of project management practices and of a holistic approach;
  • Promote the transversal soft-skills in tourism sector: communication, team building, adaptability.


  • Organisation of focus groups in order to analyse the needs of tourism professionals for the design of a new job profile, i.e. “Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager” in the tourism sector;
  • Creation of a training framework for project managers of the tourism sector who want to strengthen their competences to become hybrid, green, digitalised project managers;
  • Online training course for project managers of the tourism sector, delivered in the form of a “Vocational open online course – VOOC”;
  • Participation to a seminar, a study visit and an international mobility to be held in Palermo in 2023.


  • The Hypro4ST Labour Market Needs Analysis and definition of the New Job Profile “Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager”;
  • The HyPro4ST Online Training Course (VOOC: Vocational Open Online Courses) and Practical Guide
  • The HyPro4ST Virtual Learning Hub
  • The HyPro4ST Certification scheme for the new job profile “Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager”
  • Newsletter;
  • Press releases.


  • Improved technical and soft-skills of managers in tourism sectors: more engaged and upskilled professionals of the tourism sector in sustainable, hybrid, digital and entrepreneurship project management;
  • Reduced job losses, inequalities and other risks in tourism sector, in order to guarantee its future growth;
  • Enhanced productivity and effectivity of the tourism sector;
  • Improved VET and higher education trainers’ skills, in order to be able to adapt to the changing world and the tourism labour market needs.

Directly the HyPro4ST project will target and impact at least:

  • 600 existing and prospective project managers and students in 6 European countries via the HyPro4St VOOC and other training opportunities;
  • 30 European professionals via the study visits and the international mobility in Palermo (2023).


Il progetto

HyPro4ST – Sustainable Tourism Innovation Through Hybrid Project Management

Numero di progetto

101056300 - HyPro4ST - ERASMUS- EDU-2021-PI-ALL-INN

Data di attuazione

01/07/2022 – 30/06/2025

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 Partnerships for Innovation: Alliances 2021 Programme



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