ForestFireProtection – Training for self-protection against forest fires in rural areas

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  • To train people in the rural areas and neighboring regions on “how to act in case of a fire” as well as transfer skills on fire prevention to rural area populations.
  • To consolidate actions in order to increase the resilience against forest fires in rural areas and to contribute to forest and life preservation.
  • To increase the safety of populations by implementing readiness programmes dedicated to civilians.


  • Interviews with inhabitants from rural areas and with professionals on civil protection and on forest fires.
  • Establishment of external groups to create cooperation protocols with policy-makers and local stakeholders willing to facilitate the trainings in the rural communities.
  • Implementation of on-site piloting testing of training material and educational framework.
  • ForestFireProtection-National Seminar to provide information on the main activities and results of the project, to share the project’s outcomes with specific target groups/stakeholders, to make the participants aware of the positive impacts of the project, to encourage other social actors to adopt and implement the project’s results beyond the partnership, thus extending its impact in the long run.


  • Training Framework consisting on a training framework on forest fire prevention and self-protection when exposed to forest fires, for adults from rural areas.
  • Creation of one training module with 3 units on introduction to forest fire, fire prevention and self-protection against fire.
  • Creation of a training platform hosting the modules and the training materials free of charge and in OER format.
  • Creation of a network of cooperation for consultancy in civil protection among partner countries as well as dissemination of good practices and publication on the actions of the project and detailed impact analysis.
  • Mid-term impact study of the ForestFireProtection training during a wildfire season and final publication.


  • Development of high-quality skills and competencies on self-protection in forest fires and prevention of those fires for the people participating the training.
  • At least 80 participants in the on-site pilot testing and at least 80 participants in the online pilot-testing.
  • At least 240 adults trained in the upscaling phase.
  • At least 24 good practices collected.


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ForestFireProtection – Training for self-protection against forest fires in rural areas

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

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KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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