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  • To support artists and adult educators to work together in a community, in a special region or in an urban space;
  • To foster the development of a community, a special region or an urban space area by motivating the people living there to participate, giving them a voice and a space to express themselves in order to build up social trust and dialogue and increase democratic participation;
  • To improve the working conditions and new working fields of artists and to support educators to learn and benefit from new cooperations, new approaches and new ways of working;
  • To foster cooperation and support the recognition of art and culture as an important part of sustainable development in regions and cities to open up new options for the future.


  • Carry out research study that will include desk research, studies at EU/national levels, scientific research, questionnaires and interviews to assess the use of art and artists in education activities and the needs of educators as well as educational organisations and institutions that provide adult training;
  • Delivery of 4 local pilot projects (artistic and educational exemplary course/event/pilot), held in the four participating partner countries, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Austria, that will be decided by the leading artists together with the adult educators and the local community;
  • Production of recommendations according to the situation in each partner’s home country based on the experiences of the pilot projects and former experiences of partners and the participants.



  • Fostered and stimulated dialogue, communication and discussion among residents of the involved regions, communities or urban spaces, as well as increased democratic participation and democratic development of society;
  • Increased identification among residents with their region, district etc. and fostered inclusion and communication between different groups in the according territory;
  • For the artists, demonstrated potential of what art can do for a society and communities and increase competences to run this type of project in cooperation together with other institutions;
  • For adult educators, increased competences to implement such cooperative projects and a deeper understanding of what additional competencies adult educators and organisations working in the field of adult education will need to run these projects and to implement the cooperation successfully;
  • Adult education organisations are motivated to engage artists for projects from successful experiences and tested examples of two-way cooperation between art and adult education.


Il progetto

FAE – Fusion of Art and Education

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Data di attuazione

01/03/2021 – 28/02/2023

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, Erasmus+: Key Action 2, KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity



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