BODY – Culture, Body, Gender, Sexuality in Adult Trainings


The BODY project engages in exploring the impact of cultural differences related to body, health, gender and sexuality in adult training activities. Based on a the Consortium will to make the trainings a source of personal and social development and a space for intercultural dialogue.



  • Participatory research relying on adult trainers’ own experiences
  • Developing approaches and tools that help the integration of relevant cultural differences in adult trainings’ content and methodology
  • Focus Group session applying the Cohen-Emerique methodology
  • Production of learning material and implementation ‘Grundtvig in-service Training Course’


  • Coordinator: Élan Interculturel (France)
  • MHT Consult (Denmark)
  • KVG Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten Vormingsbeweging vzw (Belgium)
  • Ars Erotica Foundation (Hungary)

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Info & contacts

Date of project

01/11/2011 – 31/10/2013

DG of reference

DG EAC, Education and Training, Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig Multilateral


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