AgroMini, A’Naca and Nivura: the sicilian start-ups of InnovAgroWoMed!

Monday 7 November 2022

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InnovAgroWoMed sub-grants contracts have been signed and the following start-ups have been launched: AgroMini by Eleonora Chiri, A’Naca – Agri Bike Camping by Alice Quattrocchi e Nivura by Irene Russo.

Let’s start to know them closely.

AgroMini will be a catalyst for regenerative agriculture in Sicily, providing consulting services, monitoring and training activities for the new generation of farmers.

With this aim, the business model is shaped around three main components:

  • training offer for agricultural businesses aimed at promoting the knowledge and implementation of field practices of regenerative agriculture and of protection and improvement of the quality of the soil;
  • customised consulting and guidance during the transition phase towards regenerative agriculture through design and monitoring activities in close cooperation with the business clients;
  • in the medium term, to facilitate the sale of certified carbon credits in the international market of carbon credits.

A’Naca – Agri Bike Camping will bring together Agri-tourism and bike-tourism enriching the rural hospitality in the Valley D’Agro (Messina) with the offer of trekking and biking and the sale of agricultural products of own production.

Addressing mostly hikers, bicycle tourists and nature-lovers, A’NACA aims to offer a place of wellbeing, combining the idea of comfort with the one of rural tourism.

The Agri-bike camping will be in a non-intensive farm, in an unpolluted and less densely populated area. Moreover, it will be a bicycle repair shop where the bicycle tourists can leave, do the upkeep and repair their bicycles.

Nivura will bring innovation in the beekeeping, combining the urban apiculture with the high-tech precision agriculture, respecting the cycles of the nature. Of crucial importance in the business idea is the recovery of the Sicilian black bee (Apis mellifera sicula), a subspecies at risk of extinction that has its natural habit in the Province of Palermo and Trapani.

Moreover, the offer of products (a variety of honey, pollen and propolis) will be linked with the proposal of training activities, business consulting together with the plans ‘Adopt a beehive’.

Nivura is supposed as ethical and different alternative, that it is lean on the peculiarity of the flora and fauna endemic of the Sicilian territory.

In September 2021, the training path of the project InnovAgroWoMed has started. A little over a year later, we are proud to support the birth of these new business that will also get customised technical support in the next months.

Follow with us their path. We will tell you what to do sustainable business in Sicily means.

About the project

The goal of the project InnovAgroWoMed is to boost women employability and entrepreneurshipin the Agri-food sector, an industry closely linked to the cultural identity of the Mediterranean region and showing a significant level of untapped potential in terms of innovation and growth. InnovAgroWoMed is a project funded by the European Union under ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.


For further information

Visit the page REWRITE YOUR STORY and follow the project on Facebook.


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