Rewrite your story

A campaign to enhance women's potential in the agri-food sector

Rewrite your story

This is the bold slogan of the InnovAgroWoMed campaign, which renovates its invitation to women to play a leading role through a process of innovation and sustainable development.

The strong Euro-Mediterranean vocation of the campaign is well represented by its promoters: CESIE in partnership with the Univerity of Rome Tor Vergata and the associations Cawtar (Tunisia), Asala (Palestine) and Jovesolides (Spain). 

The InnovAgroWoMed project can also count on the collaboration of the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Italian Association of Women for Development Onlus (AIDOS) and the National Coordination of Host Communities (CNCA).

InnovAgroWoMed combines concrete actions with the awareness-raising campaign and conducts training aimed at strengthening women's employment and capacity to do business in the agri-food sector, an industry closely linked to the identity of the Mediterranean region and with significant but yet unexploited potential in terms of innovation and growth.

The protagonists, a group of more than 30 aspiring women entrepreneurs or professionals in the agri-food sector, have the opportunity to engage in a highly professional training course completely free of charge aimed at:

  • improving their knowledge, and acquiring the skills and tools to start an entrepreneurial activity in the agri-food sector; or
  • training them in the food processing sector.

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Watch the video - Rewrite your story

With this video, we start an awareness-raising campaign to draw attention to the role of women in the labour market and to emphasize the potential of the agri-food sector through targeted actions that promote inclusion, employment and empowerment of women.



InnovAgroWoMed Women Winter Camp, March 19th – 23rd – Dead Sea, Jordan

Training, exchange of best practices and debates involving 50 women from Italy, Spain,
Tunisia and Palestine in a shared space aimed at creating a network between women-led
start-ups and rediscovering the value of the agri-food sector

A unique experience uniting people across Mediterranean shores as told by some
of our #AgriFooder

Jordan has stolen my heart.

Jordan has stolen my heart.

BEFORE LEAVING CESIE gave us a wonderful Christmas present when, at the beginning of December, we learnt about the Winter Camp that would be held in Jordan in March 2022. It seemed like the perfect ending to a unique, personal experience: InnovAgroWoMed. It was so...


#Agrifooders’ voices

Stories of women’s entrepreneurship and work drawn from the training courses for aspiring female entrepreneurs and professionals in the agri-food sector.

“I don't want to look for work out of here anymore. For once in my life, I want to succeed here, pursuing my entrepreneurial idea to create my own business and fight against the stereotypes that too often hamper our way to success."

"I am a musician and I want to offer masterclasses and concert lessons combined with a real rural tourism experience."

"I want to create a regenerative agriculture system with healthy soil at its heart and give those who would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life the opportunity to get closer to nature, live in Tiny Houses and be part of this experience."

"My dream is to create a sustainable beekeeping enterprise and save Sicilian Black Bee from extinction. InnovAgroWoMed allowed me to realise that nothing is lost. Moreover, there is nothing we cannot do. We can really Rewrite our stories."

"I decided to change my life: my business idea is to produce traditional Sicilian dishes to be preserved in jars and present the stories of the dishes that my grandmother used to prepare when I was a child. That’s because, in Sicily, every recipe has a story and a purpose; it exists to serve a purpose."

“I came back to Sicily because I wanted to find a way to keep living here by promoting an innovative business idea that helps people move forward. I am lucky to live in a vast estate with a spacious garden: it was an inspiration for me!
My project is to start a company based on ethical and sustainable choices that produces organic teas and infusions in disposable filter bags.”

"I’m thinking about starting a company to prepare gravies and sauces. It will be a small business in the beginning. I want my daughters to be inspired by my initiative; I want them to realise that being a woman is not a disadvantage.
I discovered the world of cooperatives, and I would like to work with other girls and women who have been forced to give something up.
I don’t want to give up anymore. I have given up enough."

“I grew up in Syracuse and Trapani, and in these two places, I started falling in love with the countryside. My dream business is Kharrua Natura Lab: a place where people can stay together, and the carob tree has a fundamental role. We will offer hospitality services in tree houses, where artists and educational experts can meet. I want to help people live environmental education experiences to promote a growing ecological awareness.”

“I have chosen InnovAgroWoMed because InnovAgroWoMed chose me! Meeting other women was such a beautiful and hopeful experience: we all share the same hope and desire for a greener and more sustainable future. My business idea aims to create a regenerative agricultural system where plants are cultivated together in an organic and synergistic way. I’ll create a new line of Sicilian herbal teas with beneficial effects on people’s health.”

“InnovAgroWoMed allowed me to see a glimmer of hope for our region, and I still see it: there’s hope, and this is a promise made to Sicily and at international level to all those regions seeking redemption.”

"InnovAgroWoMed has found me: I am now following a path which I feel I really belong to.
As for a workplace, I want to find myself in an ethical environment: a place where I can feel good and go to work with a big smile on my face.”

“I chose InnovAgroWoMed to improve my skills and change my life. I love food, and I love to show people my cuisine and my idea of a healthy diet. I see myself in a huge field with an amazing farmstead and a synergistic garden: a place where people who love Nature can eat proper food. A place where people can feel at home.”



Successful experiences and valorisation of our territory

Environmental sustainability, women's empowerment and enhancement of the agri-food sector can be the real drivers of development in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

"Rewrite your story is a strong motto because it states one of our fundamental rights: Society must allow everybody to rewrite their own story.
All Cotti in Fragranza products tell a story, and that’s very empowering! When people taste and feel how good they are, they also change their minds. They tell themselves, “Look at what these guys who have been in prison have made! Look how good these products are!”

“We offer free meals to disadvantaged people: we believe we must give back something to a territory that has been very generous to us.
Our company can rely on a solid female presence. As for supplies we are very careful and choose local products.
We are willing to succeed and improve to create a local network with other agricultural and entrepreneurial initiatives as we learn from each other every single day.”

“We help ex-offenders, people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the labour market.
We love our land: we have created an organic and bio-intensive farming system in mafia confiscated agricultural fields.
Many of us, who could have worked elsewhere, decided to stay here because we believe we can promote local development in a place we love and give young people the same opportunity.”

“Terramia is devoted to producing olives and extra virgin olive oil exclusively from Nocellara del Belice cultivar.”

Riscrivi la tua storia Rinascita Valledolmo

"Siccagno is a tomato variety that grows spontaneously and doesn't require irrigation.
Our cooperative is located on the slopes of Madonie, and due to this area's unique characteristics, our small produce is rich in organoleptic qualities.
We cultivate and perform manual harvesting to produce our tomato sauce which is genuine, healthy and inimitable.
Rewrite your story just as we did! It wasn't easy, but we did it. You can do it too!”

Riscrivi la tua storia Latterie Ragusane

“Milk is a product that sold on its own, it would not even cover the production costs for the farmer. Through the transformation, we are able to give added value to the farmer. Many people and families work here, so we distribute wealth throughout the area.”


About InnovAgroWoMed

The goal of the project InnovAgroWoMed is to boost women employability and entrepreneurship in the Agri-food sector, an industry closely linked to the cultural identity of the Mediterranean region and showing a significant level of untapped potential in terms of innovation and growth. InnovAgroWoMed is a project funded by the European Union under ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.

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