ASAP: Status quo and strategic prospects

Printed Material (Handbook)

The report summarises, condenses, and—with the aim of comparing trends and developments—frames the status quo and the strategic prospects of book publishing in the digital world.

It analyses the direct consequences of the profound, radical changes taking place in the ecosystem of the book, including:

  • the reassessment of the role of the main actors in the value chain of the publishing industry in its transition into the digital sphere;
  • the ability to understand the changes that are taking place, to manage the adjustment to these changing conditions, to take a proactive role, and to directly participate in the redefinition that is taking place;
  • the necessity to redefine their portfolio of products and services, to bring them into line with the changing conditions, needs and requirements of the new playing field;
  • the need to overhaul their production and business/marketing models;
  • the strategic elements required to maintain their sustainability in the mid- to long-term;
  • the challenges and opportunities linked to the interaction with the new technologies.



  • e-learning;
  • skills & competencies;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • new media;
  • employment


Publishing industry operators

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01/11/2016 – 31/10/2019

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