EAN Strategy ‘Position Paper’

Monday 30 June 2014

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EAN Strategy ‘Position Paper’

The EAN Strategy Position Paper is an instruments for the establishment of a Common European Strategy against bullying. It aims to ensure the achievement of the following three key objectives:

  1. Development of a comprehensive, scientifically documented and cohesive European platform against bullying.
  2. Collection, processing and dissemination of good practices that have been and will be created in order to develop a common European strategy which will be implemented through the establishment of a European Anti-bullying Network.

Establishment of a European Antibullying Network to address the phenomenon effectively, by processing, evaluating and using results and best practices on an on-going basis to develop an integrated framework against bullying.

Position Paper: iten

Target Groups: Direct beneficiaries of anti-bullying policies and practices are the children – victims in their school settings as well as in the broader social context of the entire European Union, but also children involved otherwise in bullying (as perpetrators or observers). Furthermore, teachers, parents, government agencies and NGOs are indirect beneficiaries, since they will gain a useful tool for addressing the phenomenon.

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