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Thursday 1 December 2022

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Case-study research

The Compendium, which is an add-on to the State-of-Art Study, is a collection of case-studies and best practices implemented in the country partners (Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Greece). The best practices were identified and discussed during the reflective groups composed of three groups of stakeholders: representatives from business, Higher Educational Institutions, and local authorities.
The aim of the Compendium is to describe the measures and good practices within their working context promoting the STEAM approach, in order to align the project to existing initiatives. Also, a series of issues at University, labour-market and policy level was identified, demonstrating the necessity to strengthen the STEAM approach since early education.

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Erasmus+, KA3 European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training



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CHOICE - Increasing young people’s motivation to choose STEM careers through an Innovative Cross-disciplinary STE(A)M approach to education

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Teachers, educators, and all stakeholders in education, policymakers, business experts

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