CARMA Teacher Competence Assessment Model

CARMA Teacher Competence Assessment Model

The CARMA assessment model for teachers is meant to make teachers aware of their skills and what they have learnt thanks to the use of non-formal learning techniques in their classroom. The tool is foreseen to be used at individual level but also within a peer-to-peer method with other teachers to support them in assessing their skills development when they implement NFL techniques in the classroom.

The model is organised with 4 main competences (with some abilities related to each competence): I. Facilitation and moderation skills II. Competences in collaborative learning III. Know-how in collaborative assessment IV. Use of non-formal education.

The Model can help teachers and schools to establish a framework for measuring teacher’s skills and competences in understanding, identifying and implementing successful collaborative learning environments, whilst reflecting on the principles of NFL together with actual classroom practice.



  • reciprocal maieutic approach;
  • methodologies;
  • social inclusion;
  • teachers & pupils;
  • risk prevention & reduction;


Teachers, school leaders, education institutions, key stakeholders in school policy making (parents, education professionals, school service providers, civil society organisations, local and regional authorities)

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