CARMA Inclusion Strategy

CARMA Inclusion Strategy

One of the aims of the CARMA project was to deliver evidence-based recommendations for policy makers to promote more inclusive schools using non-formal learning (NFL) techniques. The CARMA Inclusion Strategy presents a set of recommendations for teachers, school managers and governments and policymakers, focusing on different aspects, but promoting ways to fight early school leaving and increase students’ participation and motivation.

After testing different NFL techniques in the classroom, both teachers and students have considered these techniques as a gain in their daily experience in their classroom and the wider school environment. These influencers have provided a major input to the CARMA project partners leading to useful recommendations on how to include NFL techniques and RMA as an assessment tool in school education.

The Inclusion Strategy is available in English



  • reciprocal maieutic approach;
  • methodologies;
  • social inclusion;
  • teachers & pupils;
  • risk prevention & reduction;


Teachers, school leaders, education institutions, key stakeholders in school policy making (parents, education professionals, school service providers, civil society organisations, local and regional authorities)

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