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  • To build resilient practices and cultures within Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to address the psychosocial support needs of staff and volunteers involved in immigrant reception and inclusion processes;
  • To encourage peer-learning approaches that will help to mainstream self-care into organisational responses;
  • To foster organisational competence to combat vicarious trauma & burnout;
  • To deepen social and political engagement;
  • To strengthen practice around supporting immigrant communities


  • Researching and producing tailored resources and training courses that respond to the specific needs of people working in the EU with immigrant communities;
  • Offering local trainings on reinforcement of resilience mechanisms in CSOs, informal groups and individuals;
  • Developing collective strategies to address racism, xenophobia and fears related to diversity;
  • Providing practical psychosocial supports for practitioners engaging directly with immigrant communities



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WFBW – Sustaining Civic Responses to Migration

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01/10/2019 – 31/03/2022

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Erasmus + Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education



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