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The project is built on the core idea of promoting active citizenship, active participation, and building the sense of initiative of young women to explore their critical sense, build their resilience in face of crises, and boost their leadership potential, especially in connection to gender equality and sustainable and greener economies.

  • To empower young women to act as leaders in shaping the sustainable new normal and fighting against climate change;
  • To promote sustainable internationalization by empowering the EU to act as leader in matters of biodiversity conservation, sustainable practices, and sustainable action.


  • Conducting a social media content analysis of selected posts with young women and representatives of organizations that support young women empowerment in order to transfer their insights into 5 reels;
  • 5 public event with young women, supporting organisations and youth workers;
  • Transnational Training on the Toolkit to provide a step-by-step process with methodologies, theoretical modules and exercises to foster female empowerment


  • 5 Reels created by young women and 1 Cross-national analysis to prompt questioning of gender roles and oppressive narratives;
  • 1 Toolkit to support and empower young women;
  • 1 e-booklet for youth workers to encourage critical thinking, promote active citizenship and civic participation specially in gender and environmentally related matters.


  • Improved skills, knowledge and networking of young women to take on initiatives to critically analyse information and to lead actions to promote gender equality and sustainability;
  • Improved skills, competencies and networks of the project partners for the implementation of their activities and projects related to young women empowerment and their role as sustainability leaders;
  • Enhanced awareness among youth workers of gender inequality and sustainability;
  • Acquisition of tools and methodologies to overcome gender inequality and promote sustainability.


Il progetto

#WeCoLead – Young Women’s Leadership for Collaborative Sustainable Communities

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01/12/2021 – 01/10/2023

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Erasmus+ KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnerships in youth


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