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  • Empowering and encouraging HR Professionals, VET trainers, CEOs and Company owners to invest in and implement well-being programs for employees, as well as to regard stress prevention and wellbeing at work as priorities;
  • Enhancing employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing, job satisfaction and work engagement while reducing burnouts, work-related stress and other mental health issues;
  • Improving staff productivity, efficiency and engagement, ultimately favoring the productivity and profitability of companies and organizations and generating economic growth at national and EU level.


  • Desk research on existing well-being practices and programs at the workplace, best-case scenarios and current training/mentoring gaps;
  • Online surveys to in-company VET trainers and HR managers to grasp their perceptions on the importance of protecting well-being at work, their intentions, challenges and needs in the development and implementation of wellbeing programs;
  • A train-the-trainers workshop to train the people who will be involved as trainers in the pilot testing workshops on the training program developed within the framework of the project, and to evaluate it;
  • Pilot testing workshops in each country to test the training program with VET trainers and HR professionals;
  • Final dissemination events to present the experiences of the participants to the pilot trainings, disseminate project results, and discuss the importance and relevance of project’s topic and of the innovative results that have come out of it.


  • EU Handbook for the development of well-being programmes, with best practices, existing gaps and practical guidance on workplace wellbeing;
  • THRIVE@WORK Training and Mentoring Programme, including PowerPoint presentations, a Trainers’ Handbook, pre-recorded videos from the pilot workshops, self-evaluation tools, an e-library with material in relation to well-being, and Guided Mindfulness Exercises;
  • THRIVE@WORK Online Training Platform, a platform on which VET trainers can find the Training Program and initiate discussions and exchanges of knowledge, ideas, and best practices at country and transnational level.


  • At least 100 VET trainers provided with the right knowledge and skills to develop comprehensive well-being programs, to educate and mentor their organizational leaders and co-workers in key well-being principles and practices, and to create the appropriate conditions for happy, highly efficient and high-performing teams;
  • Increased collaboration, mutual support and exchange of good practices among VET trainers in Europe;
  • 10,000 stakeholders, among which companies, organizations, national associations of human resources managers, and policy-makers, informed and sensitized on the importance of wellbeing at work and on its benefits on employees, on companies’ profitability and on the economy at large;
  • Increased staff motivation and morale, improved performance, and profitability of companies and organizations that prioritize and invest in wellbeing at work.


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THRIVE@WORK – Training programme for well-being at work for HR managers that want their organisations to thrivev

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01/01/2022 – 01/01/2024

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EACEA, Erasmus +, Key Action 2 - VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


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