The Inclusion Puzzle


  • To develop participants’ understanding of discrimination, including multiple discrimination through non-formal learning methods.
  • To encourage participants to visualise a more inclusive Europe, and take positive action at their local level, developing their understanding and experience of European citizenship.
  • To foster participants’ sense of identity, as individuals, and as European citizens through intercultural learning processes.
  • To celebrate the creativity of young people through the creation of art and film projects, and disseminate the results to other young people and local community.


Public Report EN

This report presents the results the youth exchange, where 41 participants from all over Europe had the chance to explore themselves and their opinion about topics such as Multiple Discriminations. Moreover, the report describes the methods, based on non-formal education and artistic expression, and the activities.


  • Games on social Inclusion proposed by Youth leaders from different countries.
  • Theater workshops to stimulate the reflection on exclusion and inclusion dynamics.
  • Creative workshops
  • Cultural visits and evenings to connect the participants with different costumes and traditions.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Pistes Solidaires (France)
  • Point Europa (United Kingdom)
  • InfoEck (Austria)
  • Fekete Sereg (Hungary)
  • Continuous Action (Estonia)
  • Jeevanrekha Parishad (JRP) (India)
  • ONG Enfance et Paix (Senegal)
  • CCN – Nepal (Nepal)

Info & contacts

Date of the project

4/09/2012 – 16/09/2012

DG of reference

DG EAC, Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.1 – Youth Exchange

Department & Unit


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