TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion


  • Provide effective tools, teaching material and guidelines to teachers and school directors of multicultural classes;
  • Facilitate the integration of students with migrant backgrounds, recently received within the education field of the host country and more specifically in secondary school level;
  • Create inclusive school environments, developing intercultural competences and tolerance, combating discrimination and prejudices, strengthening the socio-economic mixture in education;
  • Promote core European values, especially in relation to cultural diversity and acceptance.


  • 3 Piloting Role models seminars, addressing at least 15 teachers and delivered through both theoretical and interactive activities;
  • 2 Study visits (Belgium and Portugal), in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between experts;
  • Dissemination activities to guarantee the success of the project as well as the sustainability of the outputs in the long term. These will include organization of 2 Info Days in each partner country and of a Final Dissemination Conference.


  • “Toolbox” of teaching languages of schooling for students, available online;
  • E-learning and networking platform for teachers/trainers, school leaders who wish to acquire new skills and competences and facilitate the integration of students with migrant backgrounds in school and society;
  • Curriculum and material for induction classes for students with migrant background, aimed to facilitate their integration, expanding their knowledge and understanding of the host country’s cultures, religions and cultural practice;
  • Guide for assessment for newly arrived migrant students.


  • Improvement of teachers’ ability to respond to the needs of multicultural environments;
  • Creation of a community of educators, strengthening intercultural exchanges and involving the parents of TCN students within the education of their children;
  • Better integration of TCN students, not only in education, but also within the society of the host country, thanks to the acquisition of linguistic competences, creation of stronger links with the community and stronger awareness of such European core values as active citizenship.
  • Development of local, national and European networks, in order to facilitate the integration and social inclusion of students with migrant backgrounds, establishing it as a priority on the political agenda.  

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01/12/2019 – 30/11/2022

DG of reference

Erasmus+ KA3: European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training


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