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STARTUP – Start, run and grow your business


  • To enhance entrepreneurship, develop the international outlook and the competitiveness of European SMES
  • To foster start-up entrepreneurs and newly-established micro and small enterprises by creating transnational networks and thus exchange of experience and good practice
  • To facilitate exchange of experiences, learning and networking for new EU entrepreneurs through periods spent at SMEs of experienced entrepreneurs in another country, empowering SMEs from all European countries to become more competitive and to support the growth of their companies internationallyThe project targets the following business sectors: Social Economic Sector | Research and Development | ICT and Hi-Tech | Training and consulting | Renewable energies


  • Acquisition of new competences (linguistic, intercultural, technical, management and financial ones)
  • Direct knowledge of another country’s working methods and of the transnational dimension of the SMEs
  • Development of communication channels and transnational networks
  • Improvement of the performance of the SMEs both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Investment in ideas sharing, generation and development, stimulating social innovation
  • Capacity to maintain the natural links with the local territory, having at the same time an European level overview of SMEs’ situation,


  • Providing on-the-job-training for 70 New Entrepreneurs (NE) with firm intention to set up a business
  • Supporting 62 Host Entrepreneurs (HE) who want to expand their business or enter other European markets
  • Building on capacity and support of 62 business relationships involving 132 entrepreneurs from different EU countries and from several business sectors
  • Promotional activities of the EYE programme around Europe
  • Enrolling at least 240 NEs and HEs as potential participants to be involved in the mobility exchanges


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Cambre of Commerce Italo-Slovacca – CCIS (Slovakia)
  • ADICE – Association for the Development of Citizen and European Initiatives (France)
  • BIC – North East Business & Innovation Centre Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona, BCC (Spain)
  • ANJE – Portuguese Association for Young Entrepreneurs (Portugal)
  • BA School of Business and Finance (Latvia)

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01/02/2016 – 31/01/2018

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Intercultural synergies in the handicraft field: MyHandScraft Workshops in Palermo

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