SEHSI – Regional sustainable development on the basis of eco-human synergetic interaction (multidisciplinary training course for MSc, PhD and LLL students in engineering)


  • To create RSD multidisciplinary curricula for students in engineering
  • To integrate e-learning & advanced infrastructure for amplifying Ukranian universities training capacity
  • To develop academic-industrial-business–governmental Regional Sustainable Development (RSD) network


  • Human resources development on the basis of RSD competence profiles within training of the trainers’ program at EU institutions
  • Training resources development
  • e-training resources development
  • 200 MSc, PhD and LLL students in engineering trained within RSD pilot training


  • Curriculum reform: modernization of curriculum with 3 cycle structure, ECTS and degree recognition in the subject area of Engineering and engineering trades
  • Development of innovative curriculum for training new generation of engineers as “agents of positive changes” in regional development based on synergetic eco-human interaction and advanced technologies
  • System development of human training, e-training resources and advanced infrastructure
  • National priorities of development quality introduction, partnership with enterprises, LLL and qualification framework

Info & contacts

Date of project

01/12/13 – 30/11/16

DG of reference

Department & Unit


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