REBOOT NOW – Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in Schools after Lockdown

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  • To support recovery of young people from difficulties that have arisen from measures against Covid-19 pandemic, in particular through positive actions that support their well-being and mental health.
  • To prevent and combat gender-based violence among young people by supporting their psychological well-being through an evidence-based replicable service, with their active engagement.
  • To create an itinerant counselling desk for the psychological recovery of students, school staff and families.
  • To build capacity of school staff and families in the prevention and identification of cases of teen dating violence and gender-based violence among young people.


  • Launch and run of an itinerant school counselling desk for students, school staff and families to support the well-being and healthy relationships of children.
  • Launch of an online platform with information and training materials for adults and young people, and serving as online access point to the counselling desk in schools.
  • 3 European Experience Exchange Workshops where professionals from the desk will exchange their experiences, lessons learned and good practices.
  • Awareness-raising campaign through peer-supported workshops led by students (aged 10-14) and supported by older peers (Youth Advisory Board).
  • Wellbeing Festivals in schools to raise-awareness on gender equality, online and offline healthy relationships, emotional wellbeing and active bystandership..
  • National online webinars for the capacity building school staff, professionals and families.
  • National online webinars for decision-makers from local public authorities and schools.



  • Increased access to concrete psychological support services for young people, school staff and families.
  • Improved well-being, mental health and capacity to construct healthy relationships in young people aged 10-14.
  • Increased capacity of professionals (teachers/psychologists), school staff and families in prevention and identification of gender-based violence cases or vulnerabilities.


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REBOOT NOW – Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in Schools after Lockdown

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01/03/2022 – 28/02/2024

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DG: DG Justice – CERV Programme (2021-2027)



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