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ORIENT aims to enhance social inclusion by offering young people the opportunity to socialize and know their local realities through orienteering.


The ORIENT project stems from the idea of bringing together young people from different backgrounds through a particular sport: orienteering. Orienteering proved to be an extremely valuable instrument to promote social inclusion, providing opportunities for marginalized groups to have a more in-depth knowledge of their local community. ORIENT aims to foster social inclusion of young people by creating the circumstances for practicing outdoor group activities and discover the history and cultural heritage of their local contexts.


  • Promoting social inclusion and participation of vulnerable young people by using orienteering as a multi-goal activity;
  • Enhancing sport trainers’, and civil society organization workers abilities to foster social inclusion through orienteering as a grassroot sport.
  • Raising awareness among local communities, stakeholders and policy-makers of the value of sport as a tool for inclusion.


  • Collection of good practices, tools and methodologies using orienteering for social inclusion.
  • Development of a curriculum on orienteering for social inclusion aimed at sport trainers and civil society organization workers.
  • Creation of a toolbox for the creation of orienteering routes for young people.
  • Co-creation of a compendium with orienteering routes done from participatory mapping workshops and an orienteering contest with young people and sport trainers and civil society organization workers.
  • Drafting a Manifesto with the potential of orienteering for social inclusion.



  • Enhanced abilities on the use of orienteering for social inclusion of 25 sport trainers and 25 civil society organization workers.
  • Improved social inclusion of 150 disadvantaged young people through the co-creation of 5 orienteering routes for inclusion and the participation in orienteering contests.
  • Raised awareness about the value of sport for social inclusion on 12 policy makers.


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ORIENT – Young explorers re-discover local communities through orienteering

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01/01/2021 – 30/06/2023

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Erasmus + SPORT, Collaborative Partnerships



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