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As the labour markets become more specialised and economies demand higher levels of skill, the ability to adapt and innovate is essential, especially in grassroots industries and sectors that contribute to the local economy. The craft industries are economically and culturally important as they retain local, regional and national traditions whilst employing local primary materials and local labour. However craft industries are currently facing a number of challenges due to labour market fluctuations, the lack of skilled workers and fierce competition. The Handmade Creative Thinking (HCT) project is responding to some of these challenges by providing a new method for thinking creatively which is tailor made for the needs of the traditional and contemporary crafts industries.

Specific aims and objectives:

  • To identify the learning needs of people working or training to work in the craft sector
  • To transfer and implement a Creative Thinking tool for professionals, Vocational & Educational Trainers (VET), apprentices and students in the craft sector (from 16 – 65 years)
  • To identify the learning needs of people working or training to work in the creative industries sector
  • To provide a VET teaching tool/module that is applicable in the creative industries training sector
  • Create a tool that is transferable to different geographical contexts, which responds to the local needs identified. To actively involve the target


  • Identification of the learning needs of people working or training to work in the craft sector
  • Adaptation and transfer of “The Capture System” to the craft sector
  • Testing of the prototype and final development taking into account the results
  • Dissemination of the final product: “A do-it-yourself manual and activities for developing Creative Thinking”



  • Coordinator: CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives (Italy)
  • Capture Arts (United Kingdom)
  • EuroMed Connect (Malta)
  • Seneca (Italy)

Il progetto

HCT – Handmade Creative Thinking

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Data di attuazione

01/10/2009 – 30/10/2011

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, LLP National Agency (Italy)– Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation


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