GreenInterculturality – Promoting migrant inclusion through environmental awareness and eco-friendly strategies

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  • To foster inclusion of adult migrants by developing language skills, increasing networking, integrating the new environmental context and valuing their knowledge and experiences;
  • To provide adult trainers with educational tools in order for them to be able to implement inclusion workshops related to environmental awareness.


  • Desk research on the intersectionality between nature and interculturality as well as best practices concerning the environment as a powerful tool to promote the integration of adult migrants in the host society;
  • Field research through focus groups on environmental awareness of both adult migrants and social workers/educators;
  • Co-construction theatre workshops with adult migrants and host society members to reflect on their relationship with the environment, develop network, improve language skills and use forum-theatre;
  • Co-construction language workshops with adult migrants aimed at stimulating the acquisition of language, environmental and intercultural skills through;
  • Co-construction art-therapy workshops to create an eco-friendly map of the area’s eco-friendly places to appropriate the physical space for a better integration;
  • Joint Staff Training enabling partners to acquire the necessary methods to develop the products;
  • Blended Mobility for adult trainers to integrate innovative methodologies and environmental practices into their services.


  • Foundation Bricks – Qualitative research on the intersectionality between the environment and the concept of interculturality;
  • Three different Toolkits:
    • Forum theatre techniques to unleash and value experience and dialogue as a rehearsal of individual and social change;
    • Multisensory approach based on contact with nature and environmental action to stimulate language learning;
    • Art-therapy to experience how art and creativity can lead to a more physical appropriation of an area for a better integration path.


  • The inclusion of adult migrants is fostered and behaviours that promote environmental awareness and action developed;
  • Peer-education through mixed groups of people is facilitated;
  • Social and language skills of adult migrants are improved ad their network consolidated.


The project

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01/09/2020 – 30/06/2023

DG of reference

EAC - Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education




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