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  • To develop and introduce new governance practices to foster Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
  • To set up new governance practices to co-design transdiciplinary RRI-projects that are attuned to local needs, values and opportunities and that connect and mobilise local stakeholders
  • To build on capacity with respect to collaborative agenda-setting on the level of research performing organisations


  • Synthesis reporting of research and innovation systems (practice, barriers) and potential levers within 5 partner countries
  • Establishing of Knowledge Arenas, and Business model for them, and alternative funding and evaluation methods for RRI projects and solutions
  • Investigating of the state-of-the-art of research and innovation systems in European knowledge economies
  • Designing of Co-RRI Knowledge Arena and a Co-RRI web based platform
  • Establishing local/regional transition – knowledge arenas in order to develop Co-RRI project concepts through a multi-actor exercise involving research, civil society, policy, and the business sectors
  • Drafting policy recommendations and materials for fostering co-RRI uptake


  • Concepts for co-RRI-projects: which describes the local/regional problem definition of the global challenge, the systemic analysis of causes of and reasons for the challenges, the projected potential solution, the co-RRI project concept
  • Established co-RRI knowledge arenas and developed business model for their functioning
  • Reports on Policy recommendations for co-RRI in the EU
  • Materials for fostering uptake of co-RRI and future of RRI in EU


The project

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01/10/2015 – 01/02/2018

DG of reference

DG Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, Science with and for Society Topic: GARRI-1-2014 – Fostering RRI uptake in current research and innovations systems



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