FemSTEM – FemSTEM Coaching: Recruitment, Retention and Progression Coaching for Women in STEM

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  • To use the so-called Recruitment, Retention and Progression (Recruitment, Retention and Progression (RRP)) framework to create a comprehensive approach to deliver interventions to address the challenges faced by women during the RRP stages;
  • To develop an E-Coaching programme for women in STEM;
  • To develop a face-to-face peer coaching programme for women in STEM;
  • To increase women’s self-confidence, self-efficacy and develop their soft skills and employability skills.


  • An in-depth research on the barriers women face in the labour market (using RRP framework) in all partner countries;
  • Development of the E-coaching programme for women in STEM in the RRP framework using Key Coaching Models;
  • Development of the Career Launchpad to showcase companies with good practices, and other initiatives useful for women in STEM;
  • Testing the E-Coaching programme online across the partnership.


  • Recruitment, Retention and Progression (RRP) Framework testing;
  • E-Coaching Programme;
  • Coaching Circles™


  • Higher awareness about women’s underrepresentation in STEM in the partner countries by contacting stakeholders through dissemination
  • Improvement of soft skills and increased level of self-efficacy and confidence for women in STEM
  • Better awareness of new and innovative teaching methods to help women in STEM or looking at a career in this sector in order to help others in the future
  • Improved collaboration and new networks between professionals in the field of STEM and women in STEM


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01/12/2019 – 31/05/2022

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