E-PODS – onlinE PrOfessional Development in Second chance Education

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  • To promote European integration of professional development of teachers and trainers in second chance education
  • To set up an organic and growing database connecting tools, schools, teachers, trainers and beneficiaries


  • Creating a European professional development service
  • Vitalising the online teacher and trainer community
  • Further developments for the current professional development offers
  • Development of a tool to create own e-learning courses: to support the bottom-up development of e-learning created for and by teachers and trainers. The tool set-up, testing and at least ten bottom-up e-learning courses will be developed as pilot


  • User-driven European trainers and teachers community in Second Chance Education
  • Second Chance Skills Portfolio (SCSP) – personalised learning service to help teachers record and improve their skills as second chance educators
  • SCOODLE – online platform for teachers to access to e-learning courses and create their own courses


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

31/10/2016 – 30/01/2019

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for ADULT education




Info & contacts

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