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Empowerment of  disadvantaged groups through open learning spaces.


The century challenges as digitalisation, migration, climate change and social cohesion are calling for the adoption of new approaches for learning and development. There is a need of a paradigm change from top-down to bottom-up education, from subject- to competence-orientation, and holistic open learning approaches to empower learners to become active in meaningful and constructive learning spaces. This applies in particular to disadvantaged adult learners, since open learning has a much higher potential than formal education to bring them (back) into lifelong learning.


  • To empower disadvantaged groups to become social innovators by activating them and supporting them to develop key competences;
  • To create open spaces for learning and development to improve the access to lifelong and civic learning through local incubators and collaboration hubs, virtual spaces and via open mobility learning projects;
  • To create a methodology to facilitate open learning in three modalities : face to face encounters, digital space and on the road;
  • To train and qualify adult educator professionals to become “Learning and Development Facilitators”.


  • Collect good practice examples/projects of “Open Learning and Development Spaces” provided specifically for disadvantaged groups.
  • Develop the COOL Facilitation approach based on the approach of “Design-Based Collaborative Learning”.
  • Plan and deliver open learning and development offers for disadvantaged groups.
  • Design and implement trainings for professional and disadvantaged learners.


  • The COOL Exhibition, offering a virtual and multimedia compendium of good practice examples of existing open learning approaches and spaces
  • The COOL Facilitation Approach, with specific tools for adult educator professionals
  • The COOL Continuing Professional Development, for the creation and design of open learning spaces in the three modalities (real, online, mobile) and how to plan and deliver “Design Based Collaborative Learning”
  • The COOL Virtual Learning and Development Space which offers an open learning space, matching platform for Learning and Development Professionals and web-based interface connect to the mobile app
  • Newsletter


  • 18 professional learners will be trained and qualified to create and design open learning spaces.
  • 12 disadvantaged learners will be trained and become more self- sustainable, to contribute to societal development and to create innovations.
  • Lifelong learning and participation in civic life will be substantially increased.
  • Key competences  will be acquired and validated by the Educational Professionals facilitating the open learning arrangements.


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COOL – Competence Oriented Open Learning for disadvantaged Learners

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

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DG EAC, Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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