SCORE: Strengthening active citizenship and social inclusion through sport

Thursday 18 June 2020

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SCORE: Strengthening active citizenship and social inclusion through sport

18 June 2020Migration, News

The European Union highlighted the key role of sport for ethnic minorities and immigrant communities in hosting countries, indeed sport has an educational and socialising effect that makes it an ideal mean of intercultural dialogue and social integration.

This consensus has been highlighted by various opinion polls in Europe and by references in political and institutional speech: regular participation in sport activities helps people to develop key skills and to integrate better into societies.

Moreover the Directorate General For Internal Policies on the Reception of female refugees and asylum seekers in the EU Case study (2016) reported that migrant/refugee women find it harder to have access to services, job opportunities and training in the host countries. Their social inclusion and active participation is a European concern and requires common intervention at European level.

The SCORE Project ‘Social inclusion Of REfugee women through sport’ is an Erasmus+ - Collaborative partnerships in the field of Sport whose activities, running from January 2020 to December 2021, aim to a constructive dialogue between professionals working in the field of sport and migrant/refugee women, driving a change towards an inclusive system by reinforcing the idea of sport as a tool of social inclusion.

The project, indeed, aims to facilitate social contact between different ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, and to promote sense of belonging and shared identity with local community in order to increase tolerance and to reduce prejudices and xenophobia. Moreover the project seeks to raise awareness on the positive effects of physical activity and promote gender equality in sports.

If you are a coach: take part to this questionnaire in order to enquire into your attitude towards women’s sport participation, and then identify good practices to involve them. The SCORE project will support you in developing your professional skills to manage diversity, foster exchanges and dialogue for preventing discriminatory practices, as well as to carry out inclusion process of disadvantaged women trough sport activities.

If you are a migrant/refugee women:  take part to this questionnaire to enquire into your level of participation in sport activities, and enhance your soft skills such as communication, teamworking, problem solving and leadership. The SCORE project aims to the enhancement of your active citizenship, giving a safe space for your recreational activities.

On a second stage, a Capacity Building Training Course for coaches will be developed to support intercultural skills for managing sport team from different culture; and migrant/refugee women will have the chance to attend several intercultural sport meetings and participate to the European Week of Sport!

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SCORE – Social inclusion Of REfugee women through sport  is an Erasmus+ - Collaborative partnerships in the field of Sport 


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