Entrepreneurship and personal aspirations: introducing Inspire Us Programme for women entrepreneurs

28 February 2020Adult, News

The Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! project is currently working on the development of an innovative Entrepreneurship Programme addressed to aspiring women entrepreneurs and more precisely to those women who have the necessary skills and competences to start a business but lack the necessary motivation to step forward.

During the next months, the Programme will be delivered through a free online platform and will be available in English, Italian, Slovenian, Portuguese, German and Greek. It will include comprehensive and practical learning modules on crucial topics for entrepreneurs, such as business model canvas, communication skills, emotional intelligence, investment/funding opportunities and financial literacy. After a piloting phase, where the Programme will be tested and later finalised, this important tool will be accessible to all the interested aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to assess their competences and also find the necessary motivation to start their own businesses.

This Entrepreneurs Programme and its learning modules are the result of research conducted at European level on the situation of female entrepreneurship and on aspiring women entrepreneurs’ needs, as well as a survey implemented at local level in each partner country where both experts and aspiring women entrepreneurs were asked about their needs and their motivational barriers. Data about female entrepreneurship is very clear: according to the 2nd European Start-up Monitor, only 14.8% of start-up founders are women. The Inspire Us Entrepreneurship Programme aims at encouraging more and more women to start their own business overcoming their fears and lack of motivation. 

On 6th and 7th February in Athens, the project partners met and planned the next steps of the work to be done. Main topics covered included the Entrepreneurship Programme, the “Show me the Path” workshop, where at local level, partners will train aspiring women entrepreneurs on how to put the basis of their entrepreneurial careers into action, and the final dissemination event which will be in Cyprus in July.

In Athens, the partners met 3 Greek women entrepreneurs, Christine Fytea, Vassia Manika and Lena Tsikouri, who are members of the Women Committee in the Professional Chamber of Athens. They shared their own entrepreneurial stories and also told about the support they daily offer to all those aspiring women entrepreneurs that ask for help through the committee and the importance of overcoming all the doubts, difficulties and the obstacles women face when they want to start their entrepreneurial careers due to social, cultural and structural reasons.

The Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! project aims to offer these women the necessary tools to step forward in their business dreams fully aware of the great potential they carry and of the success they can achieve.

About the project

Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! is a two year project co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership for adult education.


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