InnovAgroWoMed: a new training path for young professionals in the agri-food sector

Thursday 8 July 2021

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The second program of the InnovAgroWoMed training has begun!

On Monday, July 5, we presented the series of meetings dedicated to professionals in the field of food processing, in which 19 selected young women will participate.

The course is dedicated to participants who wish to train in the field of food processing in order to organize all phases of the production process in an efficient and sustainable way. It is a highly professional training course and completely free of charge, which aims to increase the skills of the participants, but above all it wants to be an opportunity to strengthen women’s employment by organizing initiatives to support employment such as business and career forums and specific job matching activities in the area.

Our participants are women with very different backgrounds, who have in common a strong motivation, a great desire to learn and do, and the will to start a new career in a sector closely related to the identity of the Mediterranean region and its employment chances, yet with a significant unexploited potential in terms of inclusion and gender equality.

The training course, divided into 6 modules developed on the needs and objectives of the participants, stems from a local research on the sectors with the greatest potential for development and on the key actors to be involved. Starting from the analysis of the planning of all phases of the production process and of the new technologies to make it efficient and sustainable, the participants of the professional path will learn to use the digital tools that can improve the efficiency of the production process. Transversal skills such as teamwork, problem solving and intercultural dialogue will give the course a boost, and the strengthening of sectoral skills will allow participants to take the field for the practical part of the training with determination and enthusiasm!

The methods employed to deliver the training course will include: live streaming lessons, selected contents and detailed information available on the dedicated training platform, together with study visits, workshop activities, job shadowing and in-company training.

Starting this new training within the InnovAgroWoMed project is for us a great opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of a fair and sustainable work that promotes women’s empowerment in a sector, the agri-food one, still poorly participated by women.

About the project

The goal of the project InnovAgroWoMed is to boost women employability and entrepreneurship in the Agri-food sector, an industry closely linked to the cultural identity of the Mediterranean region and showing a significant level of untapped potential in terms of innovation and growth. InnovAgroWoMed is a project funded by the European Union under ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.


For further information

Visit the project website and read more about InnovAgroWoMed.


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