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Friday 3 December 2021

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Young adults’ access to the labour market is more and more challenged by different barriers, making youth unemployment a common issue for Europe, especially for those lacking specific skills.

In this framework, the entrepreneurial field represents a great opportunity for young adults who, supported by tools and resources, will be able to strengthen the skills needed on the labour market

To this aim, the partners of the Erasmus+ project IDEA have been working on the creation of tailored, innovative instruments and training materials to enhance and further strengthen educators’ and students’ competencies in the field of entrepreneurship (in non-formal settings). 

At first stage, partners conducted two researches to identify the educational approach to entrepreneurship at local level and the skills required by the labour market.

Notably, what has been conducted is:

  • A questionnaire for young adults’ educators to identify the used teaching methods and approaches, and the transmitted entrepreneurial competences.
  • An interview with representatives of small and medium businesses to identify the necessary skills for being employed or to run a business, with a focus on the instability of the current labour market.

Based on this analysis, the Mobile report about entrepreneurship teaching and entrepreneurial skills demand according to businesses has been developed, an interactive resource which allows to search and filter the research’s answers using various criteria and to identify the most needed skills in today labour market. The resource also offers tips for educators’ and NEETs’ self-development.

It is now possible to access the resource through the website and to download it as app, to make the research more straightforward and user-friendly.

Lastly, CESIE is currently engaging educators in the piloting and evaluation of materials and resources for the development of entrepreneurial skills, obtained by the first stage of the analysis.

This activity includes two online meetings, at the end of which participants will be asked to fill a questionnaire.

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Learn more about the Mobile Report here.

About the project

IDEA – Interactive toolset supporting Development of Educators of Adults’ skills in Boosting Entrepreneurship among NEETs is cofinanced by Erasmus + programme, KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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