Dance and movement, forms of expression sharing stories and building a sense of community

Friday 28 April 2023

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Dance is a universal art form that is expressed through the movement of the body.

The art of dance is not limited to the traditions of classical ballet, but includes different dance styles that allow no words forms of expression sharing stories and emotions through movement.

The International Dance Day promoted by UNESCO’s International Dance Council is an occasion to celebrate all the world’s dances and their cultural, artistic, and social significance. Dance can be a tool for communication and integration, encouraging people’s participation in cultural activities and creating a sense of community. Additionally, dance can be used as a form of therapy, helping to improve the physical and mental health of those who practice it. Through our activities, we support art and dance, exploring the potential of these disciplines and seeking new opportunities to promote them.

Creation POP – New ways of intergenerational and lifelong learning through creative arts

“Aging is not “lost youth” but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Betty Friedan, writer.

Creativity applyied to social prescription initiatives can play an important role in combating social exclusion and ageism. It can be a powerful contemplative tool for self-improvement by increasing confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and adaptability.

Opportunity and strength can be found in creative arts. For that reason, the Creation POP project aims to tackle ageism, to provide an environment for active ageing, and to find ways on how to bridge intercultural, intergenerational and social divide through creativity, arts and culture.

Based on current perceptions, intentions, challenges and needs, Creation POP will become a comprehensive program of creativity-based intergenerational activities to be easily applied within different environments involving older people.

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NOVA – Flipped studio “Successful Innovator” in the cultural and creative sector

For professionals in the cultural and creative sector, including dancers, the Erasmus+ NOVA project has been developed. The NOVA- Flipped Studio Successful Innovator project was launched 2 years ago, in 2021, in order to support the sector and develop innovative solutions to enable creative people to become successful innovators, unveiling opportunities that can be sought in a critical context and contribute to the resilience of the following sectors: music, performing arts (including dance), visual arts, audiovisual arts, games and multimedia, design and fashion, artistic crafts, etc. 

During the project, the NOVA online learning platform developed in six languages was tested and a training program (“the flipped studio”) aimed at creatives was launched, resulting from the combination of online learning, through the NOVA platform, and live sessions. Through this programme, artists and creatives had the chance to enhance their creativity and sense of innovation, increase their chances of finding work or becoming self-employed or volunteering in the cultural and creative sector. 
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RestART – A MOOC-ART to improve the digital skills of artists

In order to relaunch the cultural and creative sector, the RestART project was born. During the pandemic, in some cases, the difficult situation experienced due to the restrictions and various lockdowns was eased through the help of art, dance, cinema, music, etc. There have been many artists and dancers who have done their utmost to bring their art into other people’s homes with the digital tools at their disposal. 

The RestART project, with partners from Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Greece and Finland, developed innovative materials, based on the needs of the cultural and creative sector, and included them in the MOOC-ART, with the aim of providing creative digital skills and knowledge to improve their work. These training materials focus on three main topics: digital marketing skills, communication skills, and technical skills. Students will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in areas crucial to their work, such as promotion, digital marketing, networking, communication and social media, content production and video production and editing. 

In May 2023, the MOOC-ART will be tested by cultural and creative sector professionals, in order to improve and finalize it, who will have the possibility to acquire important tools for their work and also to expand their network of professional contacts. 

If you wish to participate in the testing phase of the MOOC-ART or receive more information on the project, write to or visit the project website and our social pages: FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Twitter.

VOICE – Awareness of vocal and non-verbal skills through dance and theater

Making society aware of dance as of all the arts through educational and training courses that enhance it, is our commitment as we believe that every form of art contributes to develop skills that make us more aware and active citizens.

The VOICE project aims to improve educators’ vocal and non-verbal skills by providing them with training programs based mainly on dance and theater and tools to observe their vocal and non-verbal behavior during their interventions, acquiring greater awareness.

Nearing its end, the project has carried out various activities with the aims mentioned above: presence and online training courses, a playbook and the website This collects all the major results of the project.

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What are the best practises for vaccination promotion?

What are the best practises for vaccination promotion?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination campaigns in Europe are still uneven and vaccination hesitation is widespread. The coOPERATOR project investigates the reasons for this hesitation by analyzing public perceptions, systemic barriers and health communication.

Launch of the centre of vocational excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture in Sicily

Launch of the centre of vocational excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture in Sicily

Sicily faces a water crisis that threatens agriculture. EVECSA is responding with six Centers of Professional Excellence (CoVEs) in various countries, promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The Sicilian CoVE, presented May 9 at the University of Palermo, emphasizes the need for collaboration and professional training to improve regional resilience and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.