Creativity and inclusion: how to promote them with Design Thinking

Thursday 7 December 2023

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The promotion of social inclusion has always been one of the most important focuses within the community policy of European institutions, especially with regard to nonformal education. It is with this in mind that European organizations commit time and resources to undertake processes that are as inclusive as possible; however, how is it possible to design these kinds of interventions? Design Thinking attempts to answer this question.

Design Thinking is a particularly interesting process since it allows one to work in multidimensional teams while focusing on individual-oriented actions; it was with this goal in mind that members of CESIE D.THINKING project left to spend two days of creative work together with the project partners, from Austria (Compass), Cyprus (Sythesis), Denmark (FO-Aarhus; Grunnet&Petersen), Germany (VNB) and North Macedonia (Eco Logic), at Eco Logic’s headquarters in Skopje on November 7 and 8.

Within the groups of people in Europe who are dedicated to social inclusion processes, this partnership chose to study three that are specifically concerned with education:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability management
  • Community work

This appointment was particularly fruitful in terms of the production of ideas and the exercise of creativity in that, through a challenge to overcome, the partners were able to practice different methodologies of problem analysis first, and problem solving later. These exercises, punctuated by different stages of the process, were made possible through the intermediation of facilitators belonging to the very organizations in the partnership, in this case precisely CESIE and VNB.

One of the steps in the process

The results of these meetings and the good practices shared between partners will be made available to interested individuals through An Online Platform created specifically to be able to consistently use the six iterative phases of the Design Thinking process, also thanks to practical video-tutorials.

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About the project

D.THINKING – Design Thinking for social inclusion is a project funded by Erasmus+: Azione chiave 2- Cooperation partnerships in adult education


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