E-COURSE: tools to promote the inclusion of migrant children in primary education

Friday 18 October 2019

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E-COURSE: tools to promote the inclusion of migrant children in primary education

18 October 2019School

​The increasing multicultural aspect of our societies is posing both new opportunities and challenges, starting from the education system. Teachers, headmasters and school staff need innovative methods, approaches and tools to work in multicultural environments since the first school years.

E-COURSE aims at enhancing teachers, headmasters and school staff’s competences in dealing with diversity in classroom and in working towards intercultural environments. Teachers, headmasters and school staff of primary school will gain and develop knowledge and tools to foster the inclusion of migrant students, particularly the newly arrived, as well as to promote intercultural dialogue at school.

We met in Utrecht, on the 6th of November, to share the achievements in each country and to discuss next steps. We shared some of the results of the piloting phase of the learning modules for teachers developed as part of the project. Indeed, based on the needs analysis carried out in the first months of the project, each partner has developed a learning module to support teachers in developing knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and to exploit opportunities that might arise when working in a multicultural environment.

The learning modules addressed different topics, including non-formal education and approaches to foster intercultural dialogue, the use of Web 2.0 in favouring inclusion of migrant and refugee students, approaches and methodologies to teach non-native languages, differences between native and hosting countries’ school systems, etc.

We took steps further in the development of the School Support Platform, a useful tool for primary schools to manage diversity and to favour communication among the different educational actors (school, students and families).

The School Support Platform will contain the following main sessions:

  • A Homework Club: a space where volunteers (e.g., retired teachers, university students, etc.) can support students with a migrant background in their homework. Further educational material to support the students’ learning path can be uploaded in this session.
  • A communication forum: a space to facilitate the communication between the school and students’ parents and families.
  • Learning modules for teachers: training and learning material to develop knowledge and skills of teachers and school staff in supporting students with a migrant background and in dealing with diversity at school.
  • An informative session on the partner countries’ national education systems, including enrolment procedures and useful contacts.

In the next months, the platform will be piloted and tested in primary schools in Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece and Italy in order to test its effectiveness and adapt it according to the feedbacks and inputs received.

About the project

E-COURSE – EnhanCing the ParticipatiOn and Learning Performance of Migrant and RefUgee Children in PRimary School Education – is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for school education.

The project aims to promote the professional growth of teachers in managing diversity in the classroom and to strength the collaboration between members of the school community to counteract early school leaving of migrant students and refugees.


The project involves 8 organisations:

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