Metropolis – City Mapping Report

This Report aims to map the industrial heritage of the cities being explored by the project and analyse the legacy this heritage has left in the present.

UNI-ECO: Summary Report on Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions

This European report aims at establishing the state of the art of sustainability measures in each of the 5 universities of the consortium.

WORK4PSY – Focus Groups: Transnational Synthesis of Results

Results of focus groups conducted in partner countries to to gain insights from mental health professionals about the significance of work and careers for Mental Health NEETs .

ReFace – Presentation on SlideShare #1

ReFace Syllabus offers the methodological framework for the MOOC “Regions facing shocks: building resilient community”.

COTW – State of the Art Report

The COTW State of the Art report gathers and discusses the results from the initial field research on migrants’ needs conducted in Sweden, Italy, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

Art and Culture

Children and Women

Active citizenship and Volunteering

Intercultural Dialogue

Intergenerational Dialogue

Education and Training

Non-formal education

Gender and sexuality


Inclusion and Integration



LangMOOC – Toolkit

LangMOOC – Toolkit

The LangMOOC toolkit is a collaborative product developed by the LangMOOCs project consortium, addressed to language teachers and learners, system administrators, service providers, educators and educational policy-makers for languages schools and training centers to use Open Educational Resources and MOOCs for language learning. This toolkit, divided in 6 chapters, is a guideline that contains the core elements of a Massive Open Online Course and Interactive Language Learning Environment.

New media and e-services

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Community development

Sustainable development