HOPEFUL: Newsletter

A new European project aimed at secondary school teachers whose classes include pupils with a migrant background has started. Specifically, the project is addressed to teachers of literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The general objective of the project is to...

CTF: Set of OERs “Creative Entrepreneurial motivation and empowerment”

The set of OERs “Creative Entrepreneurial motivation and empowerment” is a set of educational resources for aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative sector.

HEAL: Fanzines Book

This Fanzines Book is a collection of 43 fanzines created by women survivors of trafficking, from across 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania).

MyHandScraft: Digital Guide for Handcrafters

This guide is a digital tool aimed at passing on to other handcrafters, or would-be handcrafters, the traditions and techniques shared during the local workshops organised within the MyHandScraft project.

DREAMS – Online course Primary to Secondary smooth transitioning to prevent ESL

DREAMS has created an online course to provide all the necessary steps to prepare teachers to implement the theater workshop developed by the project in their classrooms.

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LangMOOC – Toolkit

LangMOOC – Toolkit

The LangMOOC toolkit is a collaborative product developed by the LangMOOCs project consortium, addressed to language teachers and learners, system administrators, service providers, educators and educational policy-makers for languages schools and training centers to use Open Educational Resources and MOOCs for language learning. This toolkit, divided in 6 chapters, is a guideline that contains the core elements of a Massive Open Online Course and Interactive Language Learning Environment.

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