IDEA: Mobile report about entrepreneurship teaching and entrepreneurial skills demand

The mobile report is an interactive resource which allows to search and filter information on the most needed skills in the entrepreneurial field and which offers tips for self-development of educators and NEETs.

OuRoute – Collection of good practices on culture

In ouRoute, 25 good practices have been collected related to common values and social inclusion through culture.

OuRoute – Newsletters

In this section you can find the newsletters of the OuRoute project

SMARTEL: Comparative analysis of the distance learning platforms and smart labs models

This report aims to provide recommendations for the further use and development of e-Learning systems in Higher Education Institutions that aim to enhance special needs students’ academic performance.

SMARTEL: Analysis of e-learning and smartlab models of HEIs from E+ partner countries

The report offers insights from the most current view of online education in Higher Education Institutions from Partner countries involved in the SMARTEL project.

Art and Culture

Children and Women

Active citizenship and Volunteering

Intercultural Dialogue

Intergenerational Dialogue

Education and Training

Non-formal education

Gender and sexuality


Inclusion and Integration



LangMOOC – Toolkit

LangMOOC – Toolkit

The LangMOOC toolkit is a collaborative product developed by the LangMOOCs project consortium, addressed to language teachers and learners, system administrators, service providers, educators and educational policy-makers for languages schools and training centers to use Open Educational Resources and MOOCs for language learning. This toolkit, divided in 6 chapters, is a guideline that contains the core elements of a Massive Open Online Course and Interactive Language Learning Environment.

New media and e-services

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Community development

Sustainable development