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Increasing the entrepreneurial spirit of young people by providing a common alternative for their entry into the world of work.


Entrepreneurship in young people is not an easy issue to tackle, especially when it comes to young people at potential risk of exclusion or without solid basic education and training. Starting a business is currently not an option for most young people, also because the knowledge and skills to facilitate their start-up are not covered in traditional curricula.
In this context, there is a clear need for an integral pathway that creates and fosters motivation, initiative and self-confidence, facilitating community initiatives and other social actions to the point of having trained young people capable of launching a business.


  • To Increase the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and provide them with new skills.
  • To set up a system to identify, promote and accompany young people in their entrepreneurship process, improving their initiatives, potentialities, knowledge, and skills, and assuring the major success in the process and the results.
  • To develop a set of methodologies, based in and adapted to the needs of the target groups.
  • To define and put in place an entrepreneurship support systems to be used by professionals and to benefit young people.


  • Training courses for young people willing to become entrepreneurs
  • Realization of pilots to test, to check and validate locally and globally, the results obtained in the project
  • Creation of a model of methodologies to give young people the possibility to start up new projects, promoting self-confidence, knowledge, and skills to implement business and undertake entrepreneurship initiatives



  • Organizations with improved capacity to interact with young entrepreneurs.
  • Youngsters with acquired knowledge in all the areas related to entrepreneurship detection, identification, training, and support and related with starting-up, including initiative, self-confidence, and creativity.
  • Stakeholders with gained knowledge related to young entrepreneurship and the associated points.


Il progetto

YOPEVA Entrepreneur – Young Entrepreneur with Values

Numero di progetto

2021 -1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000028813

Data di attuazione

01/11/2021 – 31/03/2024

Istituzione Finanziatrice

EACEA – Erasmus+ – KA2 COOPERATION AMONG ORGANISATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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