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  • Promote the values of human solidarity and respect for differences within young people
  • Promote within young people a sense of active participation and volunteering
  • Raise awareness of respect of their cultural differences and values
  • Contribute to the development of personal and professional skills of young people
  • Participate actively in the development of host communities
  • Promote within host and sending communities the values of respect for differences and solidarity
  • Promote the Youth in Action Programme
  • Develop new partnerships between partner organizations


EVS project in which 15 volunteers from France, Italy, Spain and UK volunteered in NGOs in Nepal, Senegal and Kenya for 10 months. They have been involved in supporting the local staff in the local sustainable projects.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Pistes Solidaires (France)
  • Point Europa (United Kingdom)
  • Iniciativa Internacional Joven Info-Europa (Spain)
  • ONG Enfance et Paix (Senegal)
  • CCN – Nepal (Nepal)
  • Miss Koch Initiative (Kenya)

Info & contact

Date of project:

15/01/2008 – 14/01/2010

DG of reference

DG EAC, Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 – European Voluntary Service

Department & Unit


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