• To prevent and counteract early school leaving of children aged 11-14
  • To validate an innovative teaching method in six Italian communities in order to strengthen the motivation to learn and contribute to a fair, quality and inclusive school.
  • To fight against educational poverty using motivational, counselling and inclusive tools so as to allow each student to take ownership of their learning
  • To use a student-centered approach, whose effectiveness and sustainability is guaranteed by the support of teachers (professional development courses), parents (guidance courses) and local stakeholders (educational community).
  • To coordinate school and extracurricular activities so as to help children develop and strengthen their social, relational, sports, artistic-recreational, scientific-technological skills and improve basic skills for active citizenship.


  • Integrated services inside and outside the school targeted at students, teachers and families.
  • Set up at least one Educational Community in each area
  • Reduced rates of early school leaving, cognitive skills acquisition and opportunities aimed at allowing students to take ownership of their learning
  • Student-created audiovisual contents
  • Construction of better school facilities


  • Interdisciplinary workshops complementary to class activities
  • Extra-curricular activities aimed at enhancing students’ learning
  • Individual and group actions in support of learning
  • Guidance courses targeted at students and their families, aimed at raising awareness of their resources and potential
  • Professional development courses for teachers
  • Interventions aimed at improving school facilities
  • Setting up an Educational Community in each area

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Date of project

04/07/2018 – 04/01/2022

Body of reference

CON I BAMBINI Impresa Sociale – Bando adolescenza 11 -17 anni – Fondo per il Contrasto della Povertà Educativa Minorile

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