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  • To promote the exchange of information and knowledge concerning the issue of trafficking of women.
  • To endorse peer education as a useful tool in trafficking prevention and awareness.
  • To provide participants with specific knowledge, information and tools to be used in peer education contexts in trafficking prevention and awareness.
  • To encourage new partnerships between partners and the implementation of local peer education projects.


  • Peer education for the prevention of trafficking in the sending and transit countries.
  • Creation of alternatives pathways to the trafficking.
  • Peer education for the awareness raising about trafficking in the host/transit/sending countries.
  • Creation of Preventive Tools, Maieutic Workshop and Artistic Workshop.
  • Open Space Technology: creating new projects / follow up.



  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • NGO Pirin TV, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Bulgaria EMNYTP (Bulgaria)
  • NGO Continuous Action (Estonia)
  • Kistarcsa Cultural Association (Hungary)
  • Christian media office (Lithuania)
  • SAPIEN (Malta)
  • Gabinete de Desenvolvimento Associativo e Cidadania- C.M.M (Portugal)
  • Suceava County Police Inspectorate, ACTIVITY Foundation, Association for Safety Promotion in Community (Romania)
  • International Youth Initiative Association (Spain)
  • Capacity and Development for Civil Society & World Independent Youth Union (Armenia)
  • Modern Youth Network Public Union & Towards Future Initiative Student- Youth Public Union (Azerbaijan)
  • Youth Public Union “New Faces” (Byelorussia)
  • Youth Center “progress” (Georgia)
  • Child Rights Information Centre & Regional Development Center “STABILITY” (Moldova)
  • Russian Volunteer Association World4U (Russian Federation)
  • Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation “Alternative-V” (Ukraine)

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

13/06/2010 – 20/06/2010

DG of reference

DG EAC, Youth in Action Programme – 3.1 Cooperation with the Neighbouring




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