THRIVE – Training Hope, Wellbeing, and Resilience in Vulnerable Early school leavers


  • To create an innovative online training programme for educators of early school leavers (ESLs)
  • To help trained educators apply new skills to develop the resilience and wellbeing of ESLs
  • To help ESLs’ build the skills required to benefit from education, training and employment opportunities
  • To foster the creation of safe learning training environments and positive learner-trainer relationships to increase ESLs’ motivation to remain involved with second chance education


  • THRIVE project website for sharing information and experiences
  • Training workshop in Italy
  • Transnational experience exchange
  • Open-access online training programme for educators working with ESLs


  • Researching of existing best-practice approaches to develop trauma-sensitive second chance education environments for ESLs and of effective strategies for increasing their resilience and wellbeing
  • Carrying out a needs-assessment with practitioners and ESLs
  • Organizing a five-day Train the Trainers workshop in Italy to train those who will deliver the pilot programme in each partner country
  • Piloting the draft online THRIVE Training Programme for practitioners with 10 educators in each partner country
  • Developing the final online educational platform which will contain the THRIVE Training Programme and other project information

Info & contacts

Date of project

01/10/2018 – 31/09/2020

DG of reference

DG EACEA, Erasmus+, Key Action 204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Department & Unit