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Strengthen in the partner regions (Sicily, Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont) the competences and aspirations of children through the acquisition of cognitive and non-cognitive skills


  • Co-planning and training workshop for sharing and using an innovative educational methodology for teaching and learning STEMs and sharing of experiences.
  • Preparation of local facilities called STEM*Labs, multi-functional spaces capable of hosting educational activities, laboratories and events
  • Prototyping of STEM*Labs: testing of educational programs based on the input received from the co-design process
  • Consolidation of the STEM*Labs: adjustment, programming and management of the activities of the labs and experimentation of transdisciplinary paths
  • Sustainability tests, including training on fund raising activities, sponsor research and participation in calls for national and European funding, meetings with potential public and private supporters
  • Empowerment of families: programming aimed at students’ families to extend the empowerment pathway initiated by the project to the entire family unit


  • Realization of a “HOW TO build a STEMLab” online toolkit (;
  • STEMLab webinar series: work in progress for an educating community (;
  • Prototyping and dissemination of a replicable model of STEMLab;
  • Activation of supplementary services inside and outside the schools through the enhancement of the schools and of learning spaces;
  • Integration and expansion of a networking among the actors of the educational system;
  • Strengthening of the educating community through the expansion of the local network and educational community activities in the schools involved;
  • STEM activities to empower the families of students;


Coordinator: Kairos scs, Torino

Partner for Sicily:

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/03/2019 – 28/02/2023

DG of reference

Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini




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