SOCI@LL – Whole school social labs: Innovative and participatory approaches for citizenship education and social inclusion

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  • Fostering social inclusion and multicultural learning in education and training systems supported by a holistic and whole school approach that ensures the full involvement of the end-users/beneficiaries (students, teachers, local authorities, and local communities)
  • Creating of local social labs, virtual platforms interconnected through a European network as tools for developing, validating and scaling-up ground-breaking methods and resources for pedagogical innovative curricula;
  • Fostering sustainable changes towards inclusive communities inside and around schools through a systemic and although participatory methodology that promotes ownership and co-creation among a multitude of relevant actors involved


  • Analysis of the status quo for recollecting a solid, common-shared body of knowledge (including best practices) that will guide parties towards more inclusive systems inside and around schools
  • Co-creating a sound collaborative strategy through open local partnerships for, with and by the main actors involved inside and around schools that can lead the shift of paradigm towards more inclusive systems
  • Developing and implementing multicultural sensitive educative assets for teachers in order to promote inclusive learning curricula
  • Creation, optimised operation and maintenance of the Virtual Social Lab that will provide an intuitive, straight forward and full experience to the end-users for fully inclusive systems


  • A SOCI@LL roadmap that is a strategic plan containing the state of play, best practices, strategy, action plan and recommendations based in the results of research
  • A Virtual Social Lab to foster and support cross-sectorial relations at local and European level as well as creating real inclusive and participatory learning opportunities, supported by the innovative resources developed
  • A toolkit for school leaders and for teachers for social inclusion platform to support the creation and sustainability of culturally sensitive and inclusive educative assets
  • A manual for local authorities to support them into the creation of cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion, comprised a step-by-step social lab methodological approach


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

15/01/2018 – 14/01/2021

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+, Key Activity 3: Support for policy reform – Social inclusion through education, training and youth




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