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Fostering youth civic participation after the COVID19 pandemic by creating opportunities for networking, mobilities, capacity building and tailored project design training.

The project and local initiatives were presented at the European Parliament in Brussels during the Rebuild International Youth Summit with the participation of EU-CoE Youth Partnership, European Youth Forum, and the Policy Officer of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture.


REBUILD purpose is to empower youth organisations/informal groups of young people, and underrepresented young people and enhance their democratic participation, dialogue, civic engagement and networking at local and EU level to support the rebuilding of inclusive and greener societies able to better adapt and respond to the challenges of Covid-19 emergency.


  • To strengthen capacities of youth organisations/informal groups of young people by stimulating an exchange of good practices on social solidarity and green lifestyle initiatives and by developing local and transnational networks;
  • To enhance skills of underrepresented young people by providing them with tools needed to foster innovative forms of civic participation, constructive dialogue and awareness raising campaigning;
  • To empower underrepresented youth to play a key role by engaging them directly in project design and implementation for rebuilding inclusive and greener societies;
  • To promote new strategies for the inclusion and participation of underrepresented young people by actively engaging them in a dialogue with youth stakeholders and policy makers.


  • Mapping of initiatives on social solidarity/green lifestyle as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic carried out by youth organisations/informal groups of young people;
  • Promotion of networking at local and EU level among identified youth organisations/informal groups of young people;
  • Delivery of tailored training on project management and implementation in the areas of social solidarity and promotion of green lifestyles for under-represented youth;
  • Support given to under-represented youth in implementing their designed initiatives at local level and share lessons learned among EU partner countries;
  • Creation of a group of Youth Ambassadors from the selected youth organisations to promote peer-support and ongoing networking at local and EU level;
  • Bottom-up dissemination ensured by the direct participation of youth involved in the development of the REBUILD campaign, and through online and face-to-face mobilities.


  • 6 national webzines and 1 EU webzine on successful youth-led initiatives as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in partner countries.
  • REBUILD Training Toolbox to be used by youth organizations/informal groups or other stakeholders working directly with young people to foster youth engagement.
  • 8 workshops with 28 under-represented young people among 6 countries on project design and implementation.
  • REBUILD Youth Manual to guide young people during implementation of their project ideas;
  • Youth Initiatives Compendium containing descriptions of 25 project ideas per implementation country;
  • 24 VLOGs set up by Youth teams during the REBUILD training workshops and updated during implementation of youth-led initiatives.
  • REBUILD online campaign promoting youth-led initiatives and critical thinking.
  • Youth-led REBUILD Strategy Paper with recommendations on how to improve the civic engagement of young Europeans at European and local level for the implementation of youth initiatives.


  • At least 48 among youth organisations/informal groups of young people in 6 implementing countries engaged in 12 local networking roundtables, peer-mentoring activities and an International Youth Forum;
  • 168 under-represented young people involved in 48 capacity building for civic participation workshops on project design and implementation;
  • 24 social solidarity and green lifestyle’ promotion initiatives implemented by selected youth and 6 celebrated as best practices during 6 local festivals;
  • 24 online REBUILD campaigns;
  • 24 Youth Ambassadors reached and engaged through 12 online thematic mobilities, in 1 International Youth Forum;
  • At least 120 people reached among young people and stakeholders through the International Youth Summit in Brussels.


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REBUILD – Rebuilding society through youth engagement

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15/05/2021 – 15/05/2023

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EACEA/10/2020, Key Action 3, Support for Policy Reform, European Youth Together



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