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My HandScraft – Migrants Hands and Skills to Create a Future Track


  • to develop an attractive training programme aimed at improving basic skills of migrants to increase their opportunities for integration into society & labour market;
  • to up-skill/re-skill migrants & local handcrafters while applying the creative approach based on handicraft to unleash these targets’ potential for inter-cultural dialogue & cross-cultural collaboration;
  • to increase the competencies of adult educators to teach innovative high-quality learning in order to valorise adults’ competences, skills, cultural heritage & expertise;
  • to reinforce cooperation & networking among local handcrafters & artists, migrants & refugees undertaking handicraft & cultural activities, enhancing their contribution to the promotion of cultural heritage.


  • Developed quality educational offer to improve migrants’ basic skills, unleashing their potential through creativity and artistic approaches.
  • Supported and accelerated the development of social, entrepreneurial and intercultural competences of migrants and local handcrafters/artists.
  • Enhanced competences of adult educators through an innovative approach based on valorising cultural heritage.
  • Elaborated ICT resources to promote inclusive education focussed on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Reinforced cooperation & networking across educational and cultural fields and promoted knowledge of cultural heritage through the valorisation of handicraft skills and traditions.


  • Field study research on needs and skill shortages of migrants and local handcrafters e development of a state of the art report
  • Design of a collaborative e-learning platform as an online management system with several components
  • Development of an e-educational programme encompassing 3 training packages and deployment of 13 local workshops per country to improve the basic skills and key competences of migrants in the handicraft field
  • Development of a handbook to support adult educators working with migrants & of a digital guide for handcrafters with video material demonstrating the skills & artefacts developed during the workshops
  • Organisation of MyHandScraft Forums & festivals in each country, of an international Festival in Lithuania and of a joint staff training event delivered in Palermo with trainers from all partner countries

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31/12/2018 – 29/06/2021

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for adult education

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Date of the project

DG of reference



Info & contacts

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